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An ordinary tasting experience transformed into an interactive exchange

Delve into the legend of Chivas through four pop-up books that represent the essence of this fine whisky. Each book brings alive the experience of exquisite Chivas blends through a pocketful of surprises that pop-out from page to page.

Project Type:-

Experience Design  |  Production 

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A whisky this fine deserves an elevated tasting experience.

An interaction that is as mesmerising as the whisky itself.

Book 1 :The Introductory Book

Take a trip down the Strathisla lanes.

The book pops open to a view of the centuries-old distillery. Strathisla’s glorious history and Luckenbooth’s significance is denoted through brochures. The book also pays homage to Chivas’ master blenders through the years and concludes with an editorial representation of the brand. 


Book 2: The Chivas 12

Recognize each individual facet of the surreal taste.   

A bright array of colours meets the eye when this book lies open. A sleeve slides out to reveal the complete Chivas 12 tasting experience. An interactive barrel denotes the palate. Scented strips carry the aromas of orchard fruits and forest flowers. Finally, a window opens to a miniature fragrance, completing the scents of this surreal blend.        


Book 3: The Chivas XV

Celebrate with XV

The spirit of the party is given flight with the selective finish of this delightful whisky. The emotion finds an extension in the book. Special gold foil printing, an eye mask (that reveals a hidden message), coasters, and a puzzle commemorate the Chivas XV. The whisky’s texture is embedded in four velvet pads that add finesse to a rich experience.   


Book 4: The Chivas 18

Some things can’t be simplified

This book unravels the complexity of a glorious whisky laden with eighty-five notes. Creative typography uplifts each ingredient. The distillery’s illustration contains a brochure that opens up to tell the Chivas 18 story. The bottle cutout rotates to reveal a secret stash of whisky-infused chocolates while four barrel-shaped carvings hold the blend’s key elements.  


A definitive experience for  the definitive whisky.

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