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Fun, food, sweets, and games for all ages make Bhawan's Diwali a l' adoorable experience!

Feel the festive spirit brimming in Bhawan’s sweet and colorful gift boxes. Among them, a game box, called ‘Pop A Laddoo’, that revolves around diverse Indian foods and laddoos. And a ‘Light Up Gift Box’ full of sweets, lamps, light, and love!

Project Type:-

Board Game Design | Experience Design | Production

Bhawan’s iconic, innovative sweets packaged around iconic, innovative engagements!


Showcase your culinary creativity, drawing prowess, acting skills, and board game acumen to win laddoo coins and eat laddoos!

Light Up Gift Box

Slide open lamp shades to reveal a pink gift box containing trail mix, barfis, sweets, and lamps.

Influencers and patrons went gaga over Bhawan’s Diwali with festive engagements just as sweet as the all-adorable laddoo!

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