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Fun, food, sweets, and games for all ages make Bhawan's Diwali a l' adoorable experience!

Feel the festive spirit brimming in Bhawan’s sweet and colorful gift boxes. Among them, a game box, called ‘Pop A Laddoo’, that revolves around diverse Indian foods and laddoos. And a ‘Light Up Gift Box’ full of sweets, lamps, light, and love!

Project Type:-

Concept & Packaging Design | Game Design | Print Production

Pop-a-Laddoo Game Box

The Pop-a-Laddoo game box is as innovative as the sweets inside.

We created an engagement that brought to life the key elements of a board game for all ages on the theme of regional Indian dishes. 

From games of chance and skill to nudges on eating Laddoos, giving gifts, and having fun, the game was replete with all things Diwali.

The Game -

We arrived at ‘POP A LADDOO’. A name that brings to the fore a most personal activity of guzzling a laddoo without breaking it down into decorous bites. 

Here is how the game works- 
- 3-5 individual players or 2-4 teams of 2-8 players each. 
A player spins the wheel and picks a card corresponding to the category they’ve landed on. 
- The player sees the food item on their card and draws or acts while others guess the dish. 
- If the wheel lands on the mystery pile, the player executes a dare or wins a reward. 
- Each reward is a combination of Laddoo coins that keep score and actual laddoos to be popped in!

Diwali Lamp Box

The lamp box was designed as an ornament festive sweet box. It has two sleeves with festive design attached to it that one slides open to reveal a pink gift box containing trail mix, barfis, sweets, and diyas.

Our idea was to make a box that lights up from within and adds the brightness to the festivities. The packaging of the box came with attached lamps and candles that added the lights.

We distilled Diwali into a box with vibrant colours, complete with golden hues, formed the colour palette.

Border elements were inspired by classic Indian fretwork. The design of the packaging is inspired from Indian motifs, lights, and festive hues.

Influencers and patrons went gaga over Bhawan’s Diwali with festive engagements just as sweet as the all-adorable laddoo!

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